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11/14/22 Update

Hey rREST Coaches & Affiliates,

Team rREST has been working diligently to create more and more opportunities for you to share the magic of rREST with the world.

🥳 rREST is announcing individualized branded webpages 🥳

One of the benefits of being a rREST Licensed Coach, is the opportunity for your own branded rREST webpage. Check out an example here

Being a rREST Licensed Coach also has a host of other benefits:

  • Recordings of rREST Alumni and special guest speaker calls
  • Educational Videos including: continuing education, and introductory videos for new clients to feel comfortable and informed
  • Logos, facebook banners, and business card templates
  • Exclusive access to rREST special events (e.g. Human Design workshops)

Become a Licensed Coach Today

We hope you are continuing to enjoy the benefits of rREST, both for yourself and for your clients. We are grateful to have you alongside us in this journey toward Rethinking Mental Wellness.


Team rREST

(P.S. If you are a rREST Licensed Coach and want to register for your personalized webpage, check your email for the Subject Line: rREST Would Like to Announce… 📣📣 Instructions for creating your page are inside.)

10/14/22 Update

Hey rREST Coaches & Affiliates,

We hope this message finds you well! We wanted to offer a few updates for all things rREST, here are the highlights:

  • Our rREST Courses are ready for sale!! This is your best option to receive a generous affiliate commission on our rREST offerings, so we encourage you to support rREST enrollments now!
    • You can login to Kajabi and collect your personalized affiliate links here:
    •  The following offers are LIVE!
      • Energy & Flow by rREST: This includes Reiki I & II
      • rREST Certified Coaching Program: Energy & Flow + rREST Certification
      • rREST Advanced Mastery Program: This is a combination of Energy & Flow + rREST Certification + Advanced Certification Courses
  • You can collect your personalized affiliate links from within your affiliate portal
  • We’ve received a lot of requests for the Beyond Meditation events and we are excited to announce that we’ve been able to automate the webinar. This is a pre-recorded webinar with the feel of a live webinar and is a great place to send folks who are not familiar with rREST to learn more.
  • rREST Licensing Agreement Friendly reminder:
    • Many coaches are coming up on their one year licensing renewal date, so please note that your card on file will be charged exactly 1 year from your original purchase date. If you would like to update your payment information to remain in good standing, you can navigate to your rREST Academy student portal here.