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Leela Ray

Leela leverages three years of expertise as a rREST Coach and a B.S. in Psychology and Brain Sciences from UC Santa Barbara. She’s here for those inheriting our future: college students, athletes, neurodivergents, and entrepreneurs alike. Leela strives to help clients discover their “main character energy” without the “main character syndrome,” so they can confront life’s challenges with a sense of self-confidence and resilience. Her favorite sabotaging thought patterns to reprogram are self-worth, perfectionism, restlessness, avoidance/procrastination, and the existential dread that plagues the younger generation.

Ariel Balfour

Ariel Balfour, known as The Viking Queen, is a Kundalini Master, Certified rREST Coach, and dynamic Business Coach. With a unique blend of spiritual wisdom and practical business acumen, Ariel empowers individuals to awaken their inner potential and achieve professional excellence. Her transformative approach to personal and business development has made her a sought-after mentor in the industry. “Awaken Your Power, Master Your Success” is her guiding mantra, leading countless clients to newfound clarity and prosperity.

Kathi DeYoung

Committed to turning life’s challenges into gifts and opportunities, and finding the rREST modality an integral part of this, Kathi became a Certified rREST coach to help others do the same! She also holds a master’s degree and has a 27-year career as an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist, as well as certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and BeatCancer.org. Her coaching interests include helping others identify and transform patterns to lead their best lives. She specializes in navigating health challenges, parenting, neurodiversity, learning difficulties, navigating midlife, death/loss, and narcissistic abuse.

Viv Anand

Viv is a rREST Coach based in San Francisco, CA. He was introduced to rREST in 2019, when he was able to release over 40 years of anger with his dad in just a single rREST Session, which was mind-boggling to him. Viv eventually decided to become a Certified rREST Coach, and has been practicing since 2021. Viv is passionate about helping people and the planet. After working in a variety of companies and fields (corporate America, start-ups, technology, AI, catering, food tech etc.) and in 16 countries/11 states, he is very familiar with the stress that accompanies the corporate world. For all the many positions he’s held, he believes being rREST Coach is the most rewarding of them all.

Lindsay Hahl

Lindsay Hahl has been a Certified rREST Coach for two and half years, and uses rREST to seamlessly compliment her 19 years of experience as a Personal Trainer. She specializes in guiding women who are navigating the challenges of weight management by not only teaching physical fitness, but also addressing the emotional components related to body image like body dysmorphia, self-criticism, and embracing true femininity. With her compassionate and body-positive approach, she helps clients address their emotional baggage while supporting them on their journey towards holistic well-being.

Shawn Bollig

Shawn Bollig, a seasoned rREST® coach, brings over 15 years of experience in health, nutrition, fitness, energy, and emotional wellness coaching. With certifications from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, AFPA, and rREST, she offers a diverse skill set to her practice. Specializing in supporting female professionals navigating career burnout, workplace discrimination, and balancing the many roles they play in life, Shawn champions female first, guiding her clients from being “businesswomen” to women in business. Through her holistic approach and dedication to client success, Shawn facilitates transformative improvements in her clients’ overall quality of life.

Amy Steinmetz

Amy is a skilled rREST coach who helps her clients build emotional agility for everyday life and business. She is an entrepreneur, multi-stream earner, daughter, wife, mom, and grandparent. She specializes in supporting business builders, stressed professionals, parents, and empty-nesters, including seniors and their children. Amy’s favorite outcomes are when her clients live life with less stress and more skill, resilience, clarity, and confidence.

Dr. Jeffrey Clarke, D.C.

Meet Dr. Jeffrey P. Clark, a seasoned chiropractor of 32 years and certified rREST coach for the past three years. Specializing in holistic wellness, he seamlessly blends chiropractic wellness with cutting-edge stress-elimination through rREST, empowering entrepreneurs, professionals, and athletes in the middle of their life to overcome obstacles in business and relationships, and unlock their fullest potential. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing both physical and mental well-being, Dr. Clark is your trusted ally on the path to optimal health and unparalleled success.

Tink Kitaura

Having navigated through her own battles with profound sadness and the existential question, Tink left a 30-year career in corporate finance to answer a universal call—aiding others in finding the healing that transformed her life. Since 2019, she has been dedicated to those struggling with anxiety, stress, and a loss of direction in life. In addition to rREST, Tink leverages other simple yet powerful techniques, including Body Code, Reiki, Human Design, and more. She guides clients toward mastering their emotions, paving the way to a life of tranquility and emotional resilience. Partner with Tink to reshape your response to life’s challenges and embrace a life filled with purpose and joy.


Sessions with rREST
Your rREST Coach will facilitate your stress relief by:

1. Identifying the specific factors in your life that are sabotaging you.

2. Using the step-by-step rREST Technique to remotely reprogram your brain malware.

3. Helping you generate a new vision for your future, where your mind is on your side.


rREST will allow you to help people make life changing transformations. Hear how this revolutionary technique has changed people’s lives below.

rREST will allow you to help people make life changing transformations. Hear how this revolutionary technique has changed people’s lives below.


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To truly experience the depth of change rREST can offer, we recommend at least a five session breakthrough package. Five sessions start to clear multiple patterns that are holding you back, and prime you for success in your personal and professional life.

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  • Access to the rREST Online Community

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After only 10 sessions, clients start to see incredible breakthroughs and learn what it means to truly experience a life of clarity. This package is for someone who is serious about making a major shift in life to attain higher performance and show up as your most authentic self.

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