When I woke up and found myself a worrier not a warrior, I realized I had to do something about my state of mind.

I mentally searched the environment of my life to figure out what was going on that I was falling into worry.

Then I had to laugh because it was the very question itself that was causing worry!!

“What is wrong here that …” Is such a common question for humans in general … We evolved asking that question because for so much of our evolutionary life the answer has meant the difference between life and death.

However, for me and most of us in civilized society, the dangers that lurk are primarily in our own minds. It reminds me how important it is to practice choosing thoughts wisely. Be a powerful warrior of your mind.

One of my clients recently described a breakthrough that she had that changed everything for her. She realized that she could choose her thoughts. Now this wasn’t an intellectual exercise for her. When she made this realization she immediately put it into practice.

If she observed a thought, she immediately took control and wielded the power to chose. She chose the thought that just passed by, but didn’t cling to it. She would quickly evaluate the usefulness of the thought and very consciously chose a different thought that would be more effective for her goals.

Wow! This is a skilled Thought Warrior. The energy work and meditation practice that she had been doing gave her the mental prowess to put into place the concept that few people master.

I love it that I learn so much from my clients. It is a good day with the student surpasses the master :-) In my mindful practice, I aspire to have the thought ninja skills that my client exhibits.