I have been teaching lifestyle improvements for years. All of the research suggests that relatively simple lifestyle changes could improve cognitive performance. Recently I read about a study done at UCLA where researchers have proven that lifestyle interventions increase mental ability. You can improve your memory by following some very basic lifestyle guidelines.

Some of these healthy strategies you probably already know, but others might surprise you. And the lifestyle guidelines used in the UCLA study are remarkably similar to the guidelines my colleagues and I teach with Transform30. No wonder we are getting such amazing results with Transform30! People are saying “the first thing I noticed when I started Transform30 was how clear my mind is!”

In the UCLA study, they saw a reversal of cognitive decline in patients who had been previously diagnosed with dementia! This is really amazing. All but one of the 10 patients in the study improved their memories and, in general, got smarter. Six of the patients, who had quit work because of their dementia, were able to go back to work after 2 years of following the guidelines.

These improvements in mental capacity are astounding because they didn’t use any drugs or medication, nor surgery or special procedures. The patients didn’t play memory games or have any special memory training. The only thing new that they did was add specific lifestyle changes that anybody can do. If you want to learn more about how you, or someone you love, can improve your memory and your overall health with the Transform30 guidelines, join me and my colleagues for a Transform30 presentation.